Senior Moments | Episode 10: Keith Smith, a financial quarterback

Brad and Heather talk money and planning with Morgan Stanley adviser, Keith Smith. From college to retirement, there are many overlaps between the kind of support we provide families. Attorneys and financial advisers often work together to provide a full circle of support, and Keith considers himself a “financial quarterback” who helps ensure that your finances are one less thing to worry about during transitions and stressful phases of family life.

Senior Moments | Episode 9: Medical House Calls

In our latest episode of Senior Moments, Brad and Heather talk with geriatric nurse practitioner Marie Grosh, who offers house calls with Housecalls of the Falls. She’ll diagnose and treat common illnesses/ailments; refill your prescriptions; manage and order laboratory work and another diagnostic testing; and monitor the status of chronic conditions. You do not need to be ill. She can see you for a physical as well.
Life Care Estate Plan Road Map, Bradley L. Greene Attorney

Senior Moments Episode 8: Loving Hands Yoga and Reiki

In our latest episode of Senior Moments, Brad and Heather talk with Judith Eugene from Loving Hands Yoga & Reiki, who was a caregiver for her mother and then built a company around the idea of offering more choices to seniors around care options and therapeutic exercise.
Life Care Estate Plan Road Map, Bradley L. Greene Attorney

Senior Moments | Episode 7: Keepsake Memories

Do you wish had a video of your grandparents? Want to capture your parents’ words of wisdom to pass on for generations or leave behind a legacy? Our recent podcast guest Loretta Heindrichs, with Keepsake Video Memories, can help you preserve those precious memories to pass on to future generations.

Senior Moments | Episode 6: Let's talk about "right sizing" not down-sizing

Owner of Smooth Transitions® Cleveland, Laura Armbuster, joins us in our most recent episode where she talks about “right sizing” with her senior clients. Right sizing is “the conscious choice to look at your life and think about what you need at this point in your life.” Where do you actually spend time and what space are you making use of? Anyone, at any point in their life can “right size” by taking into consideration their activities, family compostion, what you enjoying, your age, etc. and creating a plan to have your living space reflect your lifestyle.
Laura has a long family history of helping people move. Her father owned a full service traditional moving company. And as a young adult, Laura witnessed the stress of down-sizing when her grandmother became chronically ill after a challenging cross country move. As part of a nationwide network of Smooth Transitions® move managers, Laura provides support and compassion to families experiencing one of life’s most stressful transitions.

Senior Moments | Episode 5: The sandwich generation

On their latest Senior Moments podcast, special guest Howard Schreiber talks with Brad and Heather about the support they provided during his mother’s illness. With sisters living out of town, caregiving and financial decision making fell almost exclusively on Howard’s shoulders, and he also had a family of his own to provide for. With the support of a Care Coordinator, his mom was able to stay in her home for longer than expected through the use of the Passport home care program.
Our team worked closely with the family’s financial planner, to ensure that Mom and Dad could maintain their quality of life and standard of living throughout her long illness. “Heather was so good to my mother, she treated Mom better than [family].”