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Medicaid Benefits In Ohio

Medicaid benefits are not just for elderly individuals living in nursing homes or the poor. Many families in Ohio overlook Medicaid benefits because they don’t think they are eligible. However, many people may be able to receive benefits that can help pay for long-term care and save money.

Work With an Attorney Who Understands Medicaid

Attorney, Bradley L. Greene understands the complex nature of Medicaid. Our law firm can help you and your family review all of your options for receiving Medicaid, and we can help you save money and plan for your future.
Medicaid benefits are complicated, and there are several factors considered when determining eligibility. This is why it is important to work with a law firm that understands how benefits are awarded and what options are available to preserve your assets while keeping your quality of care in mind.

We Can Help Preserve Your Assets

In Ohio, single applicants can only have $1,500 in countable resources to qualify for Medicaid. If the applicant is married, the process gets even more complex, but there may be more opportunities to protect assets. Our lawyer can help explain the process and determine a plan that will preserve your money so you or your family member can qualify for Medicaid benefits.
We have advanced methods of protecting assets, from protecting funds in pooled trusts to going into court to shelter assets.
The last thing anyone wants is for a healthy spouse to have to spend all of the marital assets on a sick wife or husband. Bradley L. Greene Esq. works with families every day to ensure clients aren’t impoverished by long-term care costs.
Even if a loved one is in a nursing home, there are still planning opportunities to preserve resources. The earlier the better, but it’s never too late!

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