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Bradley and Heather Greene

Bradley and Heather Greene

Ohio Life-Care Planning Attorney

Bradley L. Greene knows that everyone deserves quality care as he or she ages. Unfortunately, the health care system and end-of-life planning can be difficult to navigate — that is where we come in. A life care plan helps clients and their families have peace of mind that their family member(s) are being looked after, advocated for, and they will not be lost and alone in the long term care maze.When we age, care needs change quickly. A life-care planning team allows you to adapt to those changing care needs without additional risk of harm. Unlike many elder law firms, Bradley L. Greene’s life-care planning clients have care coordinators to help them move through the long-term care maze by:

  1. Conducting care assessments
  2. Identifying problems in obtaining care, and assisting in resolution
  3. Helping families find and arrange home care or other services
  4. Coordinating care with medical and other health providers
  5. Attending and participating in plan of care meetings in nursing homes
  6. Reviewing medical issues and providing referrals to appropriate care providers
  7. Providing support, guidance and advocacy during a crisis
  8. Helping with coordination of transfer and transportation of an older person to or from a retirement complex, assisted care living facility or nursing home
  9. Providing education
  10. Offering counseling and support
  11. Preparing and guiding clients and families through the Medicaid application process

Preserving Assets While Maintaining Quality Of Care

Life-care planning is the best way we know to provide a holistic and integrated support system for our clients. Our attorneys and care coordinators have years of experience working with elderly clients and their families. Our knowledge of the health care system and the importance of care coordination helps us find the best possible care for our clients.
Bradley L Greene’s law firm is dedicated to helping you or your loved ones meet their life-care planning goals. We have experience helping clients with:

Planning for the future can be complicated, but our guidance and advice can make life easier for you and reduce the burden on loved ones in the future. We also frequently work with out-of-state relatives to make sure their elderly parents receive appropriate care in Ohio.

Your Life-Care Planning Team

Our team sits down with every client to determine his or her current needs and goals. Our care coordinators know what type of health care services are available and which facilities or programs provide the best care, so you can make an educated decision when selecting care.
Since health care needs change, we visit our clients frequently and maintain a close relationship with them throughout their lives. Our clients’ quality of life is our No. 1 priority, and we strive to make sure they or their loved ones are safe and getting the care they need.

Contact Our Attorney

Bradley L. Greene is a Life Care Planning Attorney who can address your needs and level of care. Located in Beachwood, our team works with families throughout Northeast Ohio. To learn more about how we can help your family, call us at 216-575-5200 or contact us online.

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