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Welcome to the new blog of the Bradley L. Greene, Life Care Planning and Elder Law Firm. We’re hoping this space will be a place you can rely on for helpful information to guide your family through all stages of life—from advanced directives (Hint: Everyone should have them) to wills, trusts, and estates—BLG offers a unique service model, including the support of our professional Care Coordinators.
Thinking about your future, or that of a loved one, involves much more than just paperwork and signatures.  You need more than a lawyer. You need a team of professionals and a plan that addresses your specific needs and concerns. That is the biggest difference between Life Care Planning and Estate Planning: Instead of focusing on legalese and bank account balances, we strive to honor your personal values and offer support, guidance and education to help you navigate the complex world of health care planning and financial decision making.
Many people put off legal planning because they are overwhelmed with all the options, or they might even be afraid to think about the future.  Some parents outright refuse to discuss financial subjects with their children, and we’ve all heard horror stories about family members who don’t agree on how estate issues should be handled. These are all examples of times when the support of our professional licensed counselors can ease the fear, burden and stress that are often associated with aging.
Your Life Care Plan becomes a road map for your loved ones in the years ahead, to help guide them through all the decisions that might come up regarding long term care, financial and legal issues, even end of life care. As seasoned professionals with experience in family dynamics, insurance benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, home health and long term care—our team is equipped to support your family every step of the way. Whether you need the assistance now, or twenty years in the future, it’s always a good time to start the conversation.
Life Care Estate Plan Road Map, Bradley L. Greene Attorney